June 19, 2013

A Little Crazy!

I know some are wondering "where I've been" lately. Next week is our big Ignite Conference which I help organize as part of my job. Things are going well, but there's much activity at the office! Here's just a snapshot of what's going on here:

First of all, we have a new website for the conference! It's awesome, Sara! Take a look:

I particularly love the countdown clock.

Tamara bought a new statue for our candlelight procession the first evening at Ignite. This one is ours to keep (we used to borrow one from some kind friends). It is light and easy to carry. We call her Our Lady of Ignite. See, her heart is even on fire! Here she is, sitting on my desk.

Here is Bill in the print shop, working on a cedar stand to which he will attach the statue so it can be carried in procession:

Tamara and Flannery working on items for small group activities:

Boxes, paper, folders, pens, pamphlets...... the list goes on and on.

Here I am working at my desk:

Sara making sure enough shirts have been ordered and everyone's rooms are assigned.....

We are trying to learn the names of all the religious before they come:

This is a laminated board I made, with sticky notes that can be moved around, to plan which workshops will be held when, and in which classrooms:

Tamara instructing Gianna on photography for the conference:

Stephanie creating a backdrop for the altar, which will be in the gym, so we want to try to create a more sacred atmosphere for Masses and holy hours:

Here we are playing with our fabric to see how to make the backdrop. The backdrop will be raised on the boxes.

Many others are also working on various tasks such as typesetting, printing, and copying. It is a very busy time, but we are joyful! I can't wait for next week. What I look forward to most is seeing all our wonderful priests, brothers and sisters who come each year! I will be taking lots of photos at the conference and will post them after it's over. Stay tuned!